Shinagawa Seaside South Tower
Name OMC, Inc.
Founded June 11, 1971
Paid-in capital ¥53 million(authorized capital: ¥290 million)
Sales ¥800 million annually
President Rikitake Hiroshi
Employees 50
Address Headquarters
Shinagawa Seaside South Tower
Higashishinagawa 4-12-1, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 140-0002
Japan Advertising Agencies Association
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Japan
Management Association
Japan Semiconductor Ventures Association
July,1971 The design division of Okamura Printing was spun off as OMC co.,Ltd.
April,1975 Increased capitalization to ¥10 million
April,1977 Began hiring new graduates
December,1982 Installed a mainframe comuputer to comuputerize clerical, accouting, and other operations
January,1985 Establishd the creative center, upgrading the creative divitions functions
August,1985 Developed a long-term business plan, working with a management consulting firm
(Japan Management Systems, affiliated with the Industrial Bank of Japan)
September,1986 Joined the Japan Adbertising Agencies Association
August,1989 Work completed on the headquarters building, a smart building designed to meet the needs of the infomation age;also planned to upgrade digital production capabilities
July,1991 Opened the Osaka branch
November,1991 Sponsored a concert of opera music at Orchard Hall to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary
May,1995 With cooperation from Unisys Japan, installed a UNIX file server,mail server ,and image database server; set up networks inside and outside the company
November,1999 Increased capitalization to ¥25 million
August,2002 Entered into the business partnership with China EC Net Co.,LTD. in the semiconductor & electronic-parts fields
September,2002 Entered into the business partnership with Euro RSCG Worldwide, Inc. (mega advertising agency in USA) in the ethical drugs field.
January,2007 Increased capitalization to ¥53 million